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R.I.A.I. Simon Open Door 2011

The 8th Simon Open Door event was a huge success with close to 500 architectural consultations taking place on 12 and 13 May, raising over €23,000 for the Simon Communities. A joint initiative by the RIAI and the Simon Communities of Ireland, the concept is simple but powerful –RIAI Members around Ireland are giving members of the public an hour's consultation with an architect in return for a donation to Simon of €50. Typically, members of the public were seeking advice on issues such as extending your home, making the most of your apartment, enhancing energy efficiency to reduce bills, maximising natural light, storage tips and building a new home.

Consultations took place all over Ireland in architects’ offices as well as in garden centres, cafes, hotels, IKEA, Arnotts and the RIAI offices on 8 Merrion Suqare, Dublin.

This year’s fundraiser has brought the overall amount raised for Simon Communities of Ireland through the RIAI Simon Open Door initiative to close to €290,000.The RIAI and the Simon Communities would like to express a sincere thank you to all the RIAI architects who participated.

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